Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sketchup Ketchup

Did all the old starter pokemon in my sweetie's sketchbook.

Sonic drawjam with some friends. You can see some more of em on tumblr.

Some sketch commentary on Bravely Default...

...And Rune Factory 4.

I don't post to Docta Foo's sketch club as much as I should, but took the opportunity to draw up Octavia Butler for the historical portraits challenge. Love this lady.
Miss Foo is nice, too.

I've started reading some webcomics, which is unusual for me. I just don't like reading on my computer. After reading the second volume of Namesake, though, I had to go online and catch up to current. Plot's getting interesting.

People are doing some really cool stuff on the web these days. Here's some other stuff I really liked.

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