Friday, March 30, 2012




Sketch Club on iPad

Switched On Lotus

Is it bad form to post different color versions of the same sketch?
Well, honey badger don't care.



My lines, hubby's colors.

Drawn while in QA testing the first new year's event for GW1, year of the pig.

Shori from Fledgling, as I imagine her had Miss Butler been able to continue writing about her.

                                          Another Anpanman throwdown.

Mixed Bag

Here's a dump of random older stuff.

Testing Mario Golf with my left hand, drawing this with my right.

I am told this picture proves I've never really been in a men's room.

Drawn on the back of a time card while working at Nintendo.

Anpanman throwdown with David Rutabaga Linder.
His pic was better!