Thursday, December 19, 2013

Upright Citizen

I'm getting over a killer cold. Last couple of days I've been too sick to read or draw or sit at the computer for any length of time so I'm super excited to be upright again.

Okay. Updates.

Since completing the mini-comic I've been figuring out what I wanna do next in my art-level-up project. Most of the work that I'm doing, for myself an others, is stuff I can't show just yet.

Also, I'm finally starting to accept some commission work. Go ahead and contact me if you'd like something and I'll let you know what my schedule's looking like.

Alrighty. Art time! Here are some scribbs I've done in my sweetie's sketchbook.

Dinosaurs are cool.

This one is Monster Hunter 3.

And a Zaku.

Alrighty, that's it for now.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Shop - Minicomic

Been working on this short comic for practice for the last few weeks.

                         And here's one of the ashcan printouts.

I tweaked printer settings to fix the issue with the pages lining up, but ran out of black ink before I could finish.

That's it for now.

Comics and other good stuff

Yay, comics!

I've been practicing all sorts of art hoobijoob recently and now paneling and lettering are on the list.

This is my sweetie and I having adventures in FFXIV.

And this one's a scene from Soul Music, which I was reading at the time.

Also done a little bit of illustration in there. This puppy picture was done for my sweetie, Mr. Bennie Mc Bennerson.

Done for me, of our meeses. I'm excited about being able to make sketches presentable without loosing all the great pencil sketchiness.

And this, of Mc Bennerson's GW2 character. No one's seen this before cuz I just did it to get his opinion on her likeness while I was working on a present.

This one started as a request for art of Juneau and Horation, the little frog and cloud characters, but turned into Disgaea fanart because why not?


Friday, July 12, 2013

Walrus Shmalrus

Yessssh! My copy of Walrus just got here last night! I drew this for Brandon to celebrate.

Brandon's on of the best dudes in comix these days. The art book has a cool mix of work including sketches, flyer art, and some older work, all dressed up for the format. You can pick up yer own copy here.

Here's some of his art for your convenience.

So, I recently decided to devote more of my time to improving and finding a direction for my art. I've been so out of practice that I'm spending a lot of time just getting a handle on the basics. Here's the rough gameplan.

- Sketch faster and cleaner.
-Learn more accurate perspective.
-Learn photoshop CS6. I got it as a gift a few months ago and, it turns out, it's waaaay different from 5.5
-Get stronger at balancing value in color\greyscale, or in balancing fills in b&w.

I'm going to try to focus on and develop 2 of my art styles. I draw a ton of different styles but I think these two are the ones I neeed to do.

Comic - Inked, clean, lots of playing with negative space, stylized. When colored, colors are kept fairly flat. Inspired by a mix of japanese, korean and euro comix, and artist I know. The art I did for brandon up thar could be an example of that. This one is reasonable developed but I'm playing with some different human proportions. I can already do it pretty fast.

Illustrative - Detail, loose lines, emotional, atmospheric  a lot of playing with the balance of the placement and grouping of lines. A blending of stylization and realism. When colored has a heavy range of values and feels fairly rendered. I can sketch in this style pretty easily but still need to find the right way to complete them.

Here's an example of something in that style I started on last week but haven't gotten back to yet.

I've noticed that it can be kind of discouraging that I don't have more finished, presentable stuff to share with people. It's just the state of affairs at this point. The truth is that I draw stacks and stacks of sketches and productive time learning photoshop or other things. 
That's part of why I decided to start using this blog as more of a real art blog, whereas before it was more of a gallery.

Next time I'll start scanning in more of my practice and progress stuff and talk about the things I've been learning and influenced by recently.
Well, that's it for now. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Secret of Calvin

Here's some Secret of Mana fanart done while I was watching my friend replay it on virtual console.

I haven't done anything finished in months so I really had to push to get this done. As a result it's a lot more stiff than I would like. And had a bunch of mistakes and weaknesses that are bugging me. But that's okay! One thing at a time. I'll get better as long as I keep working at it!

I drew the boy's face last so he just had dot eyes for a long time. It reminded me of Calvin so I just drew him a Calvin face and kept it that way right up until inking it. Because it made me laugh. And still does. So here it is!

Okay, that's it for now.