Friday, April 27, 2012

Adventure Time

 Hooray! The new art desk I got last weekend has been pretty successful. Just seeing it at the end of the living room reminds me to draw. Here's what I've done the last few days.

My sweetie and I have had these mice for several weeks now. Almost immediately I began thinking of the inevitable day when they leave on an epic fantasy adventure.
Note: Objects named Violet are smaller than they appear.

Timid Lily is the healer, brave Violet is a hammer warrior (wearing red to draw aggro) and sneaky Ivy is a thief. And, no, I didn't make them costumes in real life but they do have a pirate ship.

My color work with markers is still shaky. I don't like the muddiness and lack of color balance.
But it was super fun getting in some practice!

I just finished Scourge, a Star Wars novel by the uncomparable Jeff Grubb...who happens to sit in the desk across from me at work. I like how these turned out, even though Zonnos should probably look a little less smart.

For the first time I'm really relating to hutts as characters. And his main character (human, not hutt) is a relatable, almost nerdy jedi. I loved the book, especially the characters, the whole way through. What can I say? Mr Grubb is good at what he does.

When I read really good books I tend to picture how I'd draw the characters and scenes, but I seldome do more than rough pencil doodles. I've been getting back into reading in the last few months and it felt really good to draw what I was reading while I was reading it. I recommend it!

My sweetie wasn't a fan of how I left the top of the tree ambiguous before, so I gave it the same treatment as the lower part and added greyscaling. I prefer the original because I wanted the whole mechanically lined tree and organic metal contrast. But both versions exist with the power of the internet, so why not! Trees are fun anyway.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Doodled this last night while watching TV. Today I ended up getting a migraine and coming home early, which sucked, but after a bunch of sleep and painkillers I started feeling better and threw some inks on it. This thing is a bit weird and rough, but I'm just happy to be drawing again. Drawing is awesome!