Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Just a coupla things for no reason.

Bonus pages for Juneau & Horatio. I'm working pages for a new one now.

I like to do a little warmup before I start inking for the day. Sometimes it's panels from a comic  (that's Genshiken above) or inking a doodle I have laying around. Helps a ton.

Recently I've been doing more and more work on the computer. Nothing can replace the feeling of arting by hand, though. I have to do it every day no matter what else is going on.
 Lead and ink for life.

Business is Business

Did a commission for @ReportingRabbit. This was the best job, cuz I got to look at cute bunny pictures all day.

 Can't get over those noses.

I've been doing some concept work for a local indie game studio.  All of my work for them is all secret squirrel so I can't show any of it, which tends to be the case for my non-personal work.

Talking about Sketching

My art-level-up experiment has gone well. I dunno if this will be interesting to anyone else, but I feel like talking about about what it's been like learning and re-learning stuff.

I think I can illustrate things a bit with this sketch, the first one I did starting out. It was just for fun but I couldn't seem to bring it to a finished product. I tried with pencils, inks, markers and photoshop but was just too rusty at everything and too frustrated to take the time to do things right.

I spent the first few weeks bouncing back and forth between learning different things. I was impatient to get better at everything at once. The moment I started to feel at all competent I'd switch to something else, never getting really comfortable with anything. I think a part of me needed to do this, so i don't mind that it happened. It got me jump-started and taught me some lessons about patience and planning.

I spent 2 days sketching alternating between photos and sketches from an artist with a style compatible with mine trying to break down what kind of lines I should be using.

Over time I split my attention between projects for myself and friends, started to learn CS6, and eventually got myself on a regular schedule.

For a while I did 1 hour of drawing from the tv every day to keep working on comic style. When I could start drawing cleanly without reference I bumped this off the schedule and into after-hours doodling, so now I just do it for fun and warmups.

Also figured out some ways to make sketches more presentable. 

Btw, this one of my beau's avatars, a test image for a gift. I wanted to get his opinion on the likeness without spoiling the surprise.

In the end I think the main thing I've had to learn was to let go of the idea of perfection and just commit to my lines, be dedicated to seeing an image through to what it needs to be. That I'll keep working on every day.

Sketchup Ketchup

Did all the old starter pokemon in my sweetie's sketchbook.

Sonic drawjam with some friends. You can see some more of em on tumblr.

Some sketch commentary on Bravely Default...

...And Rune Factory 4.

I don't post to Docta Foo's sketch club as much as I should, but took the opportunity to draw up Octavia Butler for the historical portraits challenge. Love this lady.
Miss Foo is nice, too.

I've started reading some webcomics, which is unusual for me. I just don't like reading on my computer. After reading the second volume of Namesake, though, I had to go online and catch up to current. Plot's getting interesting.

People are doing some really cool stuff on the web these days. Here's some other stuff I really liked.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Juneau & Horatio

Started a comic this week using some pet characters my sweetie and I invented while back. This is just the first mini.

I have a totally stupid cold, but working on this is putting me in a good mood.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Upright Citizen

I'm getting over a killer cold. Last couple of days I've been too sick to read or draw or sit at the computer for any length of time so I'm super excited to be upright again.

Okay. Updates.

Since completing the mini-comic I've been figuring out what I wanna do next in my art-level-up project. Most of the work that I'm doing, for myself an others, is stuff I can't show just yet.

Also, I'm finally starting to accept some commission work. Go ahead and contact me if you'd like something and I'll let you know what my schedule's looking like.

Alrighty. Art time! Here are some scribbs I've done in my sweetie's sketchbook.

Dinosaurs are cool.

This one is Monster Hunter 3.

And a Zaku.

Alrighty, that's it for now.