Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Comics and other good stuff

Yay, comics!

I've been practicing all sorts of art hoobijoob recently and now paneling and lettering are on the list.

This is my sweetie and I having adventures in FFXIV.

And this one's a scene from Soul Music, which I was reading at the time.

Also done a little bit of illustration in there. This puppy picture was done for my sweetie, Mr. Bennie Mc Bennerson.

Done for me, of our meeses. I'm excited about being able to make sketches presentable without loosing all the great pencil sketchiness.

And this, of Mc Bennerson's GW2 character. No one's seen this before cuz I just did it to get his opinion on her likeness while I was working on a present.

This one started as a request for art of Juneau and Horation, the little frog and cloud characters, but turned into Disgaea fanart because why not?


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